471 E. Bergey St.Suite 3
Wadsworth, OH 44281
Johnny Fedevich
Profession Drummer, Las Vegas, NV

What Johnny Fedevich says about ProLogix®:
“ProLogix pads offer me the essential tools for warming up, practicing and rehearsing. The feel of the pad and design quality allow for the easiest way to approach getting my chops together for whatever gig or concert I have.“

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More About Johnny Fedevich:
Johnny is one of America's premier drummers, having worked in every conceivable environment – including a Hollywood movie set. See, Johnny played Ed Vallencourt, drummer for the fictional (yet very real) band Stillwater in Cameron Crowe's hit film “Almost Famous.” Along with working with Crowe and his wife, Heart’s Nancy Wilson, to get the
tunes just right, he was given one of the most anticipated (and humorous) lines in the film.
Johnny has been a drummer since he was a kid. “It all started with my grandma giving me a toy snare drum for Christmas,” says Johnny. “I’d set up the cushions and pillows from the couch to replicate a drum
kit, then emulate my drumming heroes like Ringo, Peter Criss, Clem Burke, Stan Lynch, Bonham ...”
Gigging in a church, watching MTV, jamming with friends (and yes, taking lessons) all played a part in his development. A stop at
Berklee College of Music for a few years after high school trimmed the fat from his playing style and set him on a path to becoming a career musician.
Johnny has since performed and recorded with L.A.-based Mercury
Records UK band Orson as well as Vegas bands Automatic Taxi Star,
Drawing Boxes, Vinyl Clouds, The Szuters (magni-fi), and Industry.
He currently performs with Franky Perez (solo artist and “Scars on
Broadway” “Camp Freddy” member), and he’s part of the Michael Cavanaugh Band (Broadway's “Movin' Out” star). With Michael's band, Johnny has been
performing with symphony orchestras around the country, rocking out
the music of Billy Joel and Elton John. One notable tour highlight was
a performance with the Boston Pops. Johnny appears on a live DVD and CD with Michael and the band capturing a performance with the Corona Symphony recorded in late 2010.
His recording credits include heavy metal act Nitro, Mr. Big/guitar
virtuoso Paul Gilbert (Flying Dog, Raw Blues Power) and the Szuters
(self-titled and American Pop on JVC Victor). His film credits as an
actor include the aforementioned “Almost Famous,” the Tom Cruise drama “Vanilla Sky” and Steve Martin’s “Shopgirl.”
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