Feel First. Sound Second.


A multi-tension, compact set of low-volume practice pads engineered with our Sequential Mass Compression (SMC) technology to replicate the true feel and pitch of acoustic full-sized drums.


•A set of (4) uniquely designed 8” pads featuring our Sequential Mass Compression (SMC)        manufacturing technology.

•Replicates the true tension and pitch of acoustic drums.

•All pads feature countersunk, non-marking Poly Tech rims which produces a realistic feel            and sound for practicing rim shots. 

•Pad base mounts to any 8mm stand.

•Hardware is not included.

•Baltic birch ply base construction for durability.

•American made.

 Model: PRACTIKIT     Price: $224.99 USD     Weight: 10.00 lbs


Provides a realistic feel of an acoustic bass drum with generous timbre and impact resistance at a low volume.

•Two interchangeable pad inserts provide you with a variety of resistance options that replicate      the tension and pitch of a large or small acoustic bass drum.

•Each pad insert features a unique density having a medium or firm feel on one side and a low      volume, softer feel on the opposite side.

•A reverse shaft hard felt bass drum beater is included.

•Non-skid, sound absorbing, rubber bottom.

•Baltic birch ply base construction for durability.

•American made.

Model: THUNDERKICK     Price: $119.99 USD     Weight: 1.50 lb

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